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The Christ of the Covenants

By: O. Palmer Robertson

What is a covenant? Asking for a definition of “covenant” is like asking for a definition of “mother.” A mother may be defined as the person who brought you into the world. That definition may be correct formally. But who would be satisfied with such a definition?  Scripture clearly testifies to the significance of the divine covenants.

God has entered repeatedly into covenantal relationships with particular men. Explicit references may be found to a divine covenant established with Noah, Abraham, Israel, and David. Israel’s prophets anticipated the coming of the days of the “new covenant,” and Christ himself spoke of the last supper in covenantal language.

But what is a covenant? Robertson leaves no stone unturned as he explains the Bible’s covenants. As he explores each covenant in depth, he helps us to see their unity, diversity, and place in the history of redemption.

“By understanding correctly God’s initiatives in establishing covenants in history, a solid foundation will be laid for unravelling the complex question of the relation of the two testaments, “ writes O. Palmer Robertson in the preface.  “Virtually every school of biblical interpretation today has come to appreciate the significance of the covenants for the understanding of the distinctive message of the Scriptures.”

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