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The Christ of the Prophets

By: O. Palmer Robertson

Abridged Edition

The unparalleled outpouring of inspired literature through the prophets came at a period of history that invites comparisons to our own. In this abridged, more accessible edition of The Christ of the Prophets, O. Palmer Robertson captures the passion and purpose of their extraordinary writings.

God has entered repeatedly into covenantal relationships with particular men. Explicit references may be found to a divine covenant established with Noah, Abraham, Israel, and David.

Israel’s prophets anticipated the coming of the days of the “new covenant,” and Christ himself spoke of the last supper in covenantal language.

He examines the origins of prophetism, the prophets’ call, and their proclamation and application of law and covenant, and then devotes special attention to the biblical-theological significance of the exile. Viewing that episode through the lens of several prophets, Robertson draw our focus to the glorious restoration of Gods people in Christ.

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