O. Palmer Robertson

  • Teaching Elder

The Lord brought me to himself through the preaching of Billy Graham in Tiger Stadium in Jackson, Mississippi, when I was 15 years of age.

Call to the Gospel Ministry

Almost immediately after my salvation, I felt a strong call to the gospel ministry.

After graduating from Belhaven College and Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia I sensed a need to prepare further so I could resist the rapidly growing trend toward a rejection of the full authority of Scripture in the Church.

So all my schooling had as its goal a preparation for the preaching of the gospel. At the same time, I also felt that one day God would call me to serve on the mission field.

Preparation for the Gospel Ministry

I chose to do my graduate work at Union Seminary in Virginia, studying in the area of Old and New Testament Biblical Theology.

Service in the Gospel Ministry

During my 27 years of ministry in the USA, I served as youth worker, assistant pastor, associate pastor, church-planting pastor, pastor of both a small and a larger church. I also served as a professor in various capacities in seminaries in the USA committed to the scriptures as God’s infallible word. It was my privilege to give an address at the first General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America, meeting in Birmingham, Alabama, December 3 1973. I received a call to serve at African Bible College in Malawi in 1992, and then at African Bible University in Uganda where I was asked to serve as Director and Vice-Chancellor.


Throughout these years of ministry, I have continued to write books and articles, primarily viewing the scriptures from the perspective of the history of redemption. Primary works include ‘The Christ of the Covenants (1980), ‘The Christ of the Prophets’ (2004), ‘The Christ of Wisdom’ (2017) and ‘The Flow of the Psalms’ (2015). I am currently working on a 3-volume New Testament Biblical Theology entitled ‘The Christ of the Consummation.

Future Prospects

As we relocate in the USA after a further 27 years of ministry in Africa, my vision is to continue to write, to hold seminars, to preach and to teach in long-term and short-term engagements. I see this new ministry, Consummation Ministries, as a means for stimulating a growing interest on the part of the church at large in a biblical-theological perspective on the whole of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. It is my prayer that the freshness of insight that comes from the perspective of the history of redemption will stimulate the Church to a greater appreciation for the wonder of God’s gracious redemptive purposes across history as they move toward a final consummation in Christ.


Having lost my first wife Julia while we were serving together in Africa I married my second wife Joanna who continues to be my beloved partner in ministry. From these two marriages, I have three daughters, three sons, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. The Lord is truly a good and gracious God.

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