Wallace Tinsley

  • Pastor,
    Filbert Presbyterian Church, South Carolina

Wallace Tinsley was raised in a Christian home in a PCUS congregation in Chester, SC. He is married to the former Ruth Robeson, also of Chester. He and Ruth rejoice in the Lord’s gift of four children and 15 grandchildren.


A graduate of Davidson College in NC, Wallace received his MDiv and then his ThM in Old Testament from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, where he studied under Palmer Robertson.


Wallace and his bride served the first three summers of their marriage at Bethel PCA Church of Union Springs, AL, followed by an internship at Second Presbyterian Church, PCA, of Greenville, SC.

Upon graduation from Westminster, he and Ruth returned to Second Pres., where he was ordained as a Teaching Elder in the PCA and served for 3 ½ years as Assistant Pastor and then Associate Pastor.

Since 1981, Wallace has been the pastor of Filbert PCA Church of York, SC.

Wallace also serves on the board of directors of Released Time Bible Education, an interdenominational ministry of teaching the Bible during the school day, off-campus, to students in grades 5-8 in the local school district.


Wallace is the author of a Bible study book, View from the Top: Studies in the Life of Joseph.

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