Kevin Jon Bidwell

  • Pastor,
    Sheffield Presbyterian Church, England

Kevin Jon Bidwell is married to his Dutch wife and they have been blessed with children.


Dr. Kevin Bidwell was baptised as an infant in the Church of England in 1965 and “little by little” the gospel penetrated his soul. In 1986, just after his 21st birthday, he came to believe in Jesus Christ in a personal way.

In 1990, he was soundly converted and sensed a call and desire to preach Christ from the beginning of his conversion.

As his spiritual understanding which led to repentance and faith in Christ took place over many years through the grace of Christ, his doctrinal understanding developed slowly and steadily. Primarily through the Holy Spirit granting him, an unquenchable love for the written Scriptures.

Spiritual Growth

Several Christian books that have been formative to his spiritual growth, have been the sermons in book form of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones on “The Sermon on the Mount” and his Sermons on the Book of Romans; Loraine Boettner on “The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination”; Iain Murray “Revival and Revivalism”. And of course the Westminster Confession of Faith, along with the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms. Besides reading the Bible, reading, studying, meditating and loving these creedal documents by the Westminster Assembly of divines is a constant source of spiritual delight.

Gospel Ministry

Rev Dr Kevin Bidwell is the minister of Sheffield Presbyterian Church (part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales). The church worship in the historic Hill Top Chapel, built in 1629, whose founding minister was Stanley Gower. Gower went on to be part of the Westminster Assembly and he presided over the production of every document produced by that Assembly. World missions continues to be a passion for him, having preached in over 40 countries over the years. Uganda in East Africa, Northern Germany and of course England are foremost in his desire to see Confessional Christianity and Presbyterianism flourish there.

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