With his stick, Moses amazed the Egyptians. With a single touch of that stick, he brought as many bothersome, biting gnats to plague the Egyptians as the specks of dust lying on the surface of their soil (Exod. 8:19).

What’s in that container? Is it honey or is it acid? If you eat it, will it please your mouth and energize your body? Or will it burn a hole in your stomach—if it ever gets that far?

Paul the Apostle to the Nations travelled overland to Derbe and then to Lystra on his second missionary journey (Acts 16:1).


Consummation Ministries has as its special focus the tracing of the progression of God’s redemptive work as it moves toward the consummation.

A person’s perspective may be understood as much by the things he does not say as by the things he says. Mark does not include a number of focal elements in the introduction of his gospel which find a prominent place in one or more of the other gospels:

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