Since the beginning of the coronavirus, hundreds of thousands of people have died. The news media bring us daily reports of the increased number of deaths. The numbers are beginning to compare with the plagues of ancient days

What’s that all about?

It’s about the beginning of the end of World War II. “Victory in Europe Day.” On 7th May 1945, the War of the World on the European front came to an end. On 8th May, the next day, 75 years ago, a vast portion of the world celebrated the conclusion of that horrific War.

With his stick, Moses amazed the Egyptians. With a single touch of that stick, he brought as many bothersome, biting gnats to plague the Egyptians as the specks of dust lying on the surface of their soil (Exod. 8:19).


A preacher on the web recently said God did not cause the current pandemic. But he went ahead to speak words of comfort, since God offers his help for all those suffering from the disease.

What’s in that container? Is it honey or is it acid? If you eat it, will it please your mouth and energize your body? Or will it burn a hole in your stomach—if it ever gets that far?

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