With his stick, Moses amazed the Egyptians. With a single touch of that stick, he brought as many bothersome, biting gnats to plague the Egyptians as the specks of dust lying on the surface of their soil (Exod. 8:19).

What’s in that container? Is it honey or is it acid? If you eat it, will it please your mouth and energize your body? Or will it burn a hole in your stomach—if it ever gets that far?


Consummation Ministries has as its special focus the tracing of the progression of God’s redemptive work as it moves toward the consummation.

Paul the Apostle to the Nations travelled overland to Derbe and then to Lystra on his second missionary journey (Acts 16:1).

A person’s perspective may be understood as much by the things he does not say as by the things he says. Mark does not include a number of focal elements in the introduction of his gospel which find a prominent place in one or more of the other gospels:

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