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pdf Exalting God in Worship (2 Samuel 6)

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Exalting God in Worship (2 Samuel 6)

In 2 Samuel 6, King David's failure to bring up the ark to Jerusalem highlights the importance of worship according to God's law. Exalting oneself in worship can lead to humiliation and death for Uzzah. However, God maintains his law of holiness today, as many people in Corinth died for wrongly celebrating the Lord's supper. David's heart-attitude is crucial in his actions, as he stripped down to the waist and exposed himself to the crowd. Michal, David's wife, was humiliated by his actions, but David responded by celebrating before the Lord, giving the greatest glory to God. True worship of God must be according to God's Word, with the inner heart being the focus.

pdf Worship According to the Word

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Worship According to the Word

Worship according to the Word of God is essential for human life, providing constant refreshment and harmony. It should be congregational, substantial, and edifying, connecting the right brain to the left, mind to the heart, and body and soul in perfect harmony. The seven elements for worship prescribed by the Word include singing, reading Scripture, prayer, personal testimony, preaching, sacraments, and giving. Singing should be congregational, substantial, and edifying, while reading Scripture should be a congregational activity. Prayer should be substantive, incorporating elements of praise, confession, thanksgiving, intercession, and petition. Preaching should be tailored to listeners' needs, and sacraments of baptism and the Lord's Supper should be celebrated regularly.

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